The MBA Oath is striking a chord

Recently we’ve had a few great stories come out about the MBA Oath. Want to keep you posted on them as they come up. We’re excited that the more people learn, the more they want to talk about it. Lets get the debate going!

Joe Flood does an in-depth story on the MBA Oath for AI5000, a magazine devoted to the institutional asset management industry. At at time when the financial world is under fire, the oath provokes some serious questions about how things ought to be. As Flood writes,

“With success, the oath has been transformed from a well-meaning attempt to stand up to corporate mismanagement into a closely scrutinized ethical proposition with enough hotly debated philosophical conundrums to fill a Philosophy 101 class.”

You can read Flood’s article here.

Then Lynn Parramore, writing for RecessionWire compares our approach to that of our detractors. One of her readers makes the suggestion that the oath should get very specific about whistleblowing:

” if one really wants to be clear about what one must do to oppose corruption and exploitation, this oath should include the following; ‘When I see corruption or exploitation I will blow the whistle and willingly take the risk that I will spend years in court, become financially ruined, and increase the likelihood that I will be forever unemployable.'”

Is that pledge a good add-on? Is it feasible? Is there a way we can form an online conversation to promote and debate ideas like that? Would be great if we could!

Then GMAC – the makers of the GMAT did a small profile on Angel Cabrera, who leads the Thunderbird School of Management (the first school to have a mandatory oath for all MBA graduates) and who is a partner of the MBA Oath through the Oath Project. Worth reading to get a history on the Thunderbird oath.

Also, our news aggregator pointed us to unpredictable ways the MBA Oath is influencing people – as in this Hotel management news website, in a story on “going green”.

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