Rising Number of Signers Draws Praise

Charles Green of Trusted Advisor Associates, an HBS alum, finds himself surprised by the number of MBAs who have signed the oath.

Well, shame on me, o me of little faith in my descendant classmates, because as of June 3 (according to the Economist’s story), that number was up to 400—roughly half, by my close-enough calculations. Now, half is considerably larger than 20%. In fact, I think it’s more like 50%, though HBS MBAs in my day weren’t all that great at math (‘go hire one from MIT if you need it’ was the not-so-tongue-in-cheek phrase we heard). And I am quite sure, as I mentally run down my list of classmates, that nowhere near 50% would have signed the oath back in the day […] Good for you, HBS class of 2009. I say you done us proud.

We thank Mr. Green and also note that MBA alums of prior years are also taking the oath.

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