Prospective students and the oath

Discussion around the MBA Oath has been spotted on discussion boards frequented by MBA applicants such as the Businessweek.com Forums as well as the websites of several admissions consultants.

A question for any people out there in the process of applying to an MBA program or debating whether it is right for them – how important to your choice of school is its alumni’s commitment to ethics?

One thought on “Prospective students and the oath

  1. In my opinion, it is essential! The question of being true to a certain set of values, of holding ethics in high regard go hand in hand with an outstanding professional attitude. Lies, back stabs, etc have such an important impact in the workplace, -it makes for uncomfortable /unsafe business environments-, that they cannot remain ignored.

    While the media and public opinion would like to see a complete shift in paradigm, the truth is that capitalism remains unchanged; the economy will soon recover and resume exactly where it left off. But if the crisis has had one major effect, it really is the multiplication of commitments to ethics like yours, and overall “cleaner” approaches to business.

    For MBA programs to promote this change is very important to me. I am still in college, but am going to apply for an MBA soon. With this Oath, HBS now definitely has a boost in my mental rankings! This demonstrates not only that admitted students are -to a certain extent-, selected because they see themselves as part of something greater, but also that the school’s administration is willing to support such novel student-led actions.

    More importantly, it shows belief and engagement in a better future. I for one, feel very strongly for this kind of mindset.

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