Leading With a Purpose

It’s no surprise that only 21% of Americans believe our leaders are doing “a good and effective job.” Yet people seem to be maintaining faith in the military and medical profession. Why? John Baldoni posits that it’s because these establishments maintain a clear focus on their purpose. They know what they’re supposed to be doing, they believe in it, and they commit to doing it.
But most organizations lack the clear sense of purpose that the military and medical sectors have. And it’s this lack of purpose that Baldoni believes has contributed to the current decline in leadership. He encourages leaders to recommit to their organization’s higher values by discussing them with the individuals they are leading.
But here’s the rub: when someone in the military or medical field loses focus on their purpose, the consequence can be immediate physical suffering. Without this immediate consequence, as in the business world, is it possible to maintain a clear focus?

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