INSEAD Professors debate Oath

Two INSEAD professors, Theo Vermaelen and N. Craig Smith, provide a set of well-thought-out perspectives on the MBA Oath.

Vermaelen makes the provocative argument that the Oath actually invites violation of fiduciary duties and ethical standards. Meanwhile,  Smith states that the Oath may be one of a number of appropriate responses by business schools to business misconduct.

Both provide different viewpoints on that core MBA Oath dilemma – can the Oath encourage improved behavior?

One thought on “INSEAD Professors debate Oath

  1. Well, as I state in my upcoming book on MBAs and the current situation of B-Schools, I do believe that the Oath is the first step of new era, but only the start, the crucial start. But I think the true point is the intensive debate around the Oatb itself. Until now, talking about ethics, values and even moral behaviour has been almost ridiculous not just in B-school but also in business and firms. But, after the crisis, or because of the crisis, ethics and values are at the top of the debate. And I do believe that’s the good news, as I say in my book, will be released in Spain in January 2010.

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