INSEAD Dean Suggests The Time Is Now

In a provocative essay on Businessweek.com, INSEAD Dean J. Frank Brown suggests that business schools need to seize on the current environment as an opportunity.

If business schools don’t focus more on ethics now, today’s concern about business ethics will fade away, and no progress will be made after all the world has been through in the past couple of years.

We only need to look back at news articles from 2002 to find talk of a pre-Enron and post-Enron environment and its effect on business education. Many point out that not enough was done at that time and that following a path of  inaction now will lead to yet another sense of deja vú a few years down the road.

One thought on “INSEAD Dean Suggests The Time Is Now

  1. Why not consider a ‘Hippocratic’ oath for everyone entering business? There are ramifications if doctors to not follow oath – why not business people?

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