Change Needed At Business Schools

Joel M. Podolny, who was formerly dean of the Yale School of Management and is now reportedly transitioning into the role of dean of Apple University, expresses frustration about the lack of values-based leadership at business schools in an article in the Harvard Business Review.

The degree of contrition not just at business schools but also among executives and companies seems small compared with the magnitude of the offense. To reprise the line: I know you’re angry. I’m angry too.

Podolny chastises academics for sticking too closely to theory and overlooking the way organizations really work. How can both schools as well as initiatives such as MBA Oath make sure their values can live within actual organizations?

One thought on “Change Needed At Business Schools

  1. HBS MBA Oath is mission impossible for the new breed in the brave new world…. business can be clean and crystal clear to everyone… let’s join the venture and tell to yourself before you quit this world in the unknown moment…. GOD BLESS

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