The Book

Every great movement has a founding document.

THE MBA OATH: Setting a Higher Standard for Business Leaders (Portfolio, April 29, 2010) is the official book for the movement. It provides a strong case for why the MBA Oath is necessary and examples of how it can be practically applied. Using case studies of real world business dilemmas, Max Anderson and Peter Escher explain why a Hippocratic Oath for business is not only a good idea…it is good business.

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A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to support the MBA Oath movement.


The Financial Times

“To non-MBA observers of the inferno stoked by an MBA-heavy financial elite, such parsing smacks of the sort of wriggling that MBAs, like lawyers, are disdained for. The MBA Oath, however, turns out to be a thoughtful res­ponse to the situation in which thousands of MBA students found themselves, and far better than anything managed by the tenured faculty of their schools.”

Harvard Business Review

“This gauntlet thrown by two newly minted Harvard MBAs should be taken seriously by organizations and individuals who want to remain competitive in the future. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of an oath of conduct for managers, but the authors make a pragmatic and convincing argument for establishing one, marshaling evidence from behavioral economics, psychology, and the history of business.”