Who We Are

We started as a group of Class of 2009 Graduates of Harvard Business School, convened initially by Maxwell Anderson. We are now a broader group of MBA students, graduates and advisors. We are not from an administration or a student government. We want our degree to mean something more than it currently does. This oath is our way of laying out the principles of what we think an MBA ought to stand for.

For more information, email us at info@mbaoath.org

Our founding team:

Sandeep Acharya
Max Anderson
Patrick Anquetil
Diane Averyt
Rye Barcott
Kate Barton
Mohit Bathija
Elana Berkowitz
Paul Buser
Teal Carlock
Brian Elliot
Eric Erb
Peter Escher
Adam Heltzer
Drew Jackson
Alla Jezmir
Andrew Klaber
Umaimah Mendhro
Dan Moon
Humberto Moreira
Andy Morse
Sunil Nagaraj
Dalia Rahman
Thomas Rajan
James Reinhart
Ben Reno-Weber
Garret Smith
Scott Spencer
Maura Sullivan
Jon Swan
Mark Tapper
Jimmy Tran
Eric Tung
Michael Wick

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