Policy on Oath Violations

The MBA Oath team is in the process of developing a framework for addressing violations of the oath. Like the Hippocratic Oath, the MBA Oath is not intended to be a formally adjudicated group. Over time, we would like to see MBAs become part of a professional association with formal membership and infrastructure for enforcing membership requirements. A committee of the MBA Oath leadership will make decisions about reported violations of the oath in the meantime. While it is not the organization’s intent to take on the role of oath enforcement police, our goal is to uphold the integrity of the oath and to honor ethical value creation. Once a formal policy is established, breaches of the ethical code of conduct articulated by the oath may result in suspension from the MBA oath list. Grounds for suspension may include criminal offenses such as money laundering and accounting fraud. The MBA oath founding team welcomes suggestions on how to enforce the tenets of the oath.

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