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Morality Reminders = Less Cheating

The Weekly Leader podcast tackles the MBA oath. In discussing the oath, the Weekly Leader’s commenters praise the Oath’s brevity and argue that its succinctness make it much more powerful than a 60 page code of ethics. They also reference a very relevant talk by “Predictably Irrational” author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely. In a […]

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Rising Number of Signers Draws Praise

Charles Green of Trusted Advisor Associates, an HBS alum, finds himself surprised by the number of MBAs who have signed the oath. Well, shame on me, o me of little faith in my descendant classmates, because as of June 3 (according to the Economist’s story), that number was up to 400—roughly half, by my close-enough […]

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Does it work everywhere?

Philosopher Tom Morris points out in the Huffington Post that follow-through will be a key part of making the Oath work. Congratulations to the Harvard Business School Class of 2009 for bringing all this to our attention in a vivid way, and for generated a new conversation about business ethics when we clearly need one. […]

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Prospective students and the oath

Discussion around the MBA Oath has been spotted on discussion boards frequented by MBA applicants such as the Forums as well as the websites of several admissions consultants. A question for any people out there in the process of applying to an MBA program or debating whether it is right for them – how […]

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Harvard Crimson reports on the MBA Oath

Thanks to William White for writing a good article on the MBA Oath for the Harvard Crimson today. We hope that, with many families in town for graduation, a lot of parents will see this and pass it along to their MBA friends. Although the article focused largely on the efforts of Max, this has […]

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We’re big in Norway

Norway’s largest business daily paper “DN”published a three-page spread on the MBA oath. Not much to understand here, the only ones we could guess were “Hippokraten” means “Hippocratic” and “Babysteg” means “Babysteps”? We am told by reliable Norwegian sources that Frode Frøyland did an accurate and admirable job with the story Its not online, but […]

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Check out our Wikipedia article

We just got a listing on Wikipedia!

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What’s Different This Time?

Echoing a sentiment felt across the Web, Tom Lindmark of Seeking Alpha offers a dire forecast: “Having seen a few generations come and go and listened to all of the prognostications about how different and sociallay aware they were, how different and how much better their approach to business will be, I can assure you […]

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Comparing Business to Medicine and Law

Good post from The Business Ethics Blog on the difference between law, medicine and business in their aims to serve society directly or indirectly. The NYT notes that “student advocates contend [the Code] is the first step in trying to develop a professional code not unlike the Hippocratic Oath for physicians or the pledge taken […]

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Why is the oath important to you?

In the comment box below, please share your feelings about the MBA Oath and why it is meaningful to you. We want to provide an outlet for signers of the oath to express their convictions about ethics in business, making management a profession, and the duties of MBAs to society. Please note that this is […]

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