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The “wealth care” industry needs the transparency of the health care industry

Rehan Syed, head of portfolio management at ABN AMRO Private Banking in Dubai, recently wrote that the “wealth care” industry must catch up to the health care industry when it comes to objectivity and transparency.  We’re not sure everyone wopuld agree that the health care industry is the model of transparency, but his main point […]

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“The Road from Ruin” and professionalizing business

Another post, another book to add to the list. This time it is The Road from Ruin by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green. It is a highly readable, well written analysis of where the glogal economy has been and what can be done to fix it by two world-class thinkers. Here’s a link to their […]

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Michael Lewis has a new book on the Financial Crisis: “The Big Short”

Joe Flood, writing for Asset International, has a review of Michael Lewis’ new book on the financial crisis, “The Big Short.” Lewis is the author of Liar’s Poker, Moneyball, and The Blind Side, which became a film and won an Oscar for Sandra Bullock. Like his other books, Lewis explores a cultural phenomenon from the […]

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INSEAD Professors debate Oath

Two INSEAD professors, Theo Vermaelen and N. Craig Smith, provide a set of well-thought-out perspectives on the MBA Oath. Vermaelen makes the provocative argument that the Oath actually invites violation of fiduciary duties and ethical standards. Meanwhile,  Smith states that the Oath may be one of a number of appropriate responses by business schools to […]

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Two Different Viewpoints

Two 2010 MBA students present very different viewpoints on the MBA Oath in the Harbus, HBS’ weekly student paper. Larry Estrada calls the oath “an opportunity to reassert the purpose of the business profession”. As MBA students and future business leaders, we have an opportunity to promote a higher standard aimed at professionalizing business and […]

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INSEAD Dean Suggests The Time Is Now

In a provocative essay on, INSEAD Dean J. Frank Brown suggests that business schools need to seize on the current environment as an opportunity. If business schools don’t focus more on ethics now, today’s concern about business ethics will fade away, and no progress will be made after all the world has been through […]

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Two good bits

The MBA Oath continues to generate a lot of discussion online, with a great recent discussion at 12Manage. Also Time has a short review of Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s new book on “How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good.”

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New Graduates And Wisened MBAs

From South Korea, we get word that several graduates from the first graduating class of the SolBridge International School of Business have embraced the MBA Oath. Along with the newly-minted graduates, we are seeing an increasing number of MBAs with years and sometimes decades’ worth of experience taking the MBA Oath. Among them is our […]

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Make History, Start An MBA Oath Chapter

We are ramping up efforts to build on the MBA Oath momentum by providing MBA students worldwide the opportunity to start official MBA Oath chapters at their schools. Those who embark on starting a chapter will face a challenging task, but will also join the passionate group of founding students who are aiming to change […]

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Serving Both Oneself And The Greater Good?

The Christian Science Monitor’s piece on the MBA Oath brings up a student’s questioning of whether “serving the greater good” is compatible with capitalism. Such dialogue highlights “a deep fundamental difference about what the purpose of the corporation is and whether it has any responsibility to society other than maximizing profits,” says Rakesh Khurana…It will […]

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