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Galvanizing Future Leaders

It’s exciting to see that the MBA Oath’s partnership with the Net Impact conference is having such motivating and inspiring effects, as evidenced by recent conference attendee Chris Dorrow. A student at the University of British Columbia. Dorrow believes that by pursuing integrity, society, faith, humility, honesty, and transparency, the MBA degree can regain an […]

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Leading With a Purpose

It’s no surprise that only 21% of Americans believe our leaders are doing “a good and effective job.” Yet people seem to be maintaining faith in the military and medical profession. Why? John Baldoni posits that it’s because these establishments maintain a clear focus on their purpose. They know what they’re supposed to be doing, […]

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Taking Environmental Ethics Out of the Classroom at Pepperdine

At Pepperdine University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management offers a course that takes the idea of environmental ethics very literally. The course takes students out of mere classroom talk about environmental conservation and brings them to physically work on environmental conservation. Led by former Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke and Professor Tetsuya O’Hara, twenty […]

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Doing The Right Thing: Practice Makes Perfect?

“How could they let that happen?” That’s a sentence we’ve said a lot in the wake of the financial crisis. And it’s something we seem to be saying yet again in the wake of the Penn State scandal. In spite of numerous findings to the contrary, most people believe that they would maintain their moral […]

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Congratulations to the University of Iowa signers!

The Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa saw its first oath-signing ceremony, hosted by Net Impact. Throughout the fall semester, the social responsibility-minded non-profit held discussions and debates about the Oath, culminating in last week’s signing ceremony. Best wishes to all those who stepped forward to take the pledge!

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Nudges, reminders, and the Oath

Previously, we have mentioned Dan Ariely’s findings that morality reminders reduce cheating. Other studies are now beginning to support this notion, as researchers find that seemingly subtle “nudges” encourage better behavior. Studies are finding that even occasional reminders such as phone calls can encourage people to maintain exercise regimens. If we extend this to notion […]

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Business Ethics and Value Creation: The HP-Oracle Case

Writing in The Atlantic, Daniel Indiviglio asks tough questions regarding former HP CEO Mark Hurd’s apparent move to Oracle. He was forced to step down from his post due to a sexual harassment suit with a contractor in conjunction with filing mislabeled expenses. He had quite a soft landing. Just one month later, we now […]

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Is Management Itself Becoming Obsolete?

The Wall Street Journal suggests that the whole concept of management may have reached a peak in the 20th century and may soon be headed for extinction. From scribes to typists to piling machine operators, occupations can find themselves obsolete. Will the ranks of managers required to organize and coordinate people and allocate resources be […]

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A Hurd Mentality … Small Lapses = Big Consequences?

Writing in HBR, Rosabeth Moss Kanter warns again the big traps in small lapses. “What were they thinking!?” turns out to have a number of explanations. Jefferey Pfeffer suggets that it’s another instance of a CEO thinking that the usual rules simply didn’t apply to him. Can an Oath be a factor in helping prevent […]

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On Journalism And Professional Ethics

This week, a fair amount of debate has arisen over The Economist‘s recent “Obama vs BP” cover. A photo of the U.S. President standing on a gulf shore was edited to make it appear that he was standing alone. The photo was taken by a Reuters photographer, and Reuters argues that it has a “a […]

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